FTF is a family business created in 1975, transmitted from father to sons.
Powered by a long and solid experience in the fashion-textile business, FTF is, today an inescapable partner in the world of printed textiles for the ready to wear women’s fashion.

Despite a bitter competition, since a few years, FTF was able to adapt and find ways of growth specially towards exports.

Present on numerous Trade shows, in France and in foreign countries, FTF proposes its prints collections, fruit of a selection and a meticulous elaboration in terms of style and fabric quality.
Each season sees the birth of new creative and surprising collections bringing a real « plus » to the creation of our customer’s lines and garments.

All our prints may be printed on bases, which are continuously renewed (jersey, satin, voiles, dentelles, velours,... ) in qualities rigorously controlled. That variety allows unlimited combinations, between our fabrics and our designs.

When the « industrial tool » is well managed and mastered, it allows delivery flexibility that may be as short as 24 to 48 hours from an order. We work on quantities which are adapted to the request of the mass distribution as well as to the labels the most confidential.


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