• FTF creates textile prints every seasons, always anticipating trends and fashion. Style department, collects all datas directly or indirectly related to trends and fashion, such as: cultural and sociological datas, world mood, music, couture, past trends, arts... to make a synthesis of this whole, in order to achieve an original collection.

  • All FTF prints can be done on a big selection of fine and premium knits and wovens qualities. This opportunity to mix prints on different textiles allows FTF's customers to play and arrange those material effects with infinite possiblities.

  • Also FTF owns it's bulding, land and machinery. It a totally independant, small, but very efficient production unit. This total independance associated to fast printing calenders makes a real advantage, for this comapny to go through any market circumstances.

  • FTF can offer among the best deliveries worldwild, for sampling, duplicating or bulk producingĀ  thanks to a very flexible team and a strong partnership with FEDEX shipping service.

  • For a couple of years now, FTF has developped with an italian partnership a numeric solution, to print customers own development with very small quantities.

  • FTF has an exporter status giving theĀ  Made in France label for all its production.


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